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Today I ran across a blog-post by Scot McKnight that briefly discusses Bonhoeffer’s essay on truth-telling.  This essay was found in the earlier mass-market version of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics (where I remember originally reading it many years ago now), but in the critical editions of Bonhoeffer’s works was included in Volume 16 – Conspiracy and Imprisonment: 1940-1945Image.  At any rate, I would be interested in thoughts on the nature of truth-telling and lying when it is a relational issue and not simply treated as a principle. Is it telling the “truth” to hold to a principle or honor relationships?  Or, in other words, is it ever acceptable to lie in regard to principles, but be “truthful” in regard to relationships?

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Scot McKnight is doing a series on a new (?) book called Justification: Five Views, but from what I can tell he’s focusing on the New Perspective on Paul (NPP)/Old Perspective issue.

In his second post, he gives a great summary of the New Perspective as well as a number of (not elaborated) criticisms. McKnight notes that the NPP is first of all a new perspective on first century Judaism–it was not a works righteousness religion. He also notes that the NPP is not a coherent or monolithic theology that can be compared to Reformed theology, for example. He says these two points are key to understanding NPP.

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