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You read that right…Der Führer has something to say about N. T. Wright on the issue of justification. Who knew he was such a fan of Piper’s. 🙂

My own critical engagement with N. T. Wright on the issue of justification is not nearly so funny. But I enjoyed writing it.

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Today I officially submitted my paper to the Society for Pentecostal Studies entitled “N T Wright’s Justification and the Cry of the Spirit”.  It was definitely a great relief to have it finished and sent off.  Hopefully it will meet the standards of the Society as I fly to Memphis this coming March to defend it.  While I did not so much choose to discuss my own personal take on N. T. Wright’s perspective of justification (nor really of John Piper’s which I also discuss), I did need to at least understand and present it and offer a “Pentecostal response”.  Hopefully I have done that in some regard.

It was my aim to propose a more fully trinitarian theology of justification by emphasizing the place of the Spirit in justification specifically within the context of the “cry of the Spirit” found in Gal. 4:6 and Rom. 8:15.  Understandably these are not normal texts for dealing with justification (which is actually why I chose them).  They are, however, related to justification in the matter of “adoption” and “sonship” and tie this directly to the Spirit…which is exactly what I was aiming for and thus the texts (despite telling Joel Banman I was intent on eisegesis ;-)).

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