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Out of Ur posted a hilarious spin on the Chuck Norris craze (or should that be a hilarious round-house kick???) in relation to the ever prolific writing pastor-theologian N. T. Wright (thanks for pointing me to this Marc).

Here are a few of the highlights:

For too long, Chuck Norris has been the benchmark for superhuman acts of power and justice. We’re setting that right.

From Wright fans John Raines, Kevin Emmert, Drew Dyck, and Paul Pastor comes this list of adoration for everyone’s favorite bishop-scholar-warrior-guru.

You call it idolatry. We call it reality. POW!

Keep kicking, Tommy-gun!

1. N. T. Wright doesn’t parse nouns. They decline themselves before him.

2. When James Dunn came up with the New Perspective, it was already old to N. T. Wright.

(for the rest of the twelve they came up with see HERE)

And here are a few of my own:

Just for fun what would you add?

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You read that right…Der Führer has something to say about N. T. Wright on the issue of justification. Who knew he was such a fan of Piper’s. 🙂

My own critical engagement with N. T. Wright on the issue of justification is not nearly so funny. But I enjoyed writing it.

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Barth and Jesus

You’ve heard the adage: “Jesus is the reason for the season” and perhaps are familiar with Andrae Crouch’s “Jesus Is The Answer“…well…here is perhaps Karl Barth’s bumper-sticker theology (could we even say the summation of his 10,000 page unfinished Kirchliche Dogmatik).

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My copy of Church Dogmatics arrived in the mail today. It was delivered to my door by our own Jeff and Joel. After they had left, sensing that it was no longer in the company of those who had a handle on it, the Church Dogmatics attacked me and I was overcome.

Actual police crime-scene photo:

Overcome by Church Dogmatics

(I hope you will all forgive my lame attempt at humour. I promise I won’t let this devolve into theological irreverence. I’m merely getting out what meager material I have before I am chastised and humbled by the Barthian prowess of your forthcoming posts.)

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