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Just a note to all of you, Tim Perry has completed his second of five lectures entitled “Taking Atheism to Church.” In this part, entitled “No Virginia, There’s No Such Thing as Atheism,” Perry observes that, just as “Christianity” is an umbrella term to denote several different types of Christianities, so is “Atheism” a term that does not reduce into a single expression of atheistic belief. He very helpfully distinguishes between “skeptical” atheists and “suspicious” atheists. The former question whether belief in God is reasonable, while the latter question the motives of belief in the first place. He places “Ditchkins” under the category of “suspicious” and says that any response to them must acknowledge this. The main point is that the atheism of Ditchkins is not primarily atheology but anthropology, that the main concern is not belief in God as much as believers in God.

He says it better than I can, so listen to it here. His previous lecture is also there, in case you missed it.


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